How to tell whether your website is a success

Whether you run a clothes shop in Leeds or work on web design in Cheltenham, your website needs to be successful if you want your company to grow. There are plenty of ways to tell how successful your website is, and plenty of ways to improve it.

Search engine rankings

SEO is a common way to improve your search engine rankings. When someone searches for a business, companies with more keywords and better SEO will come higher in the rankings. The best way to improve your SEO is to take a look at the content on your website, which may be too general and not geared towards keyword inclusion. It may help to get a professional content writer involved with your site.

Is it user-friendly?

One of the biggest stumbling blocks for a website is whether it is ‘user-friendly’. It can be useful to visit your own website and view it through the eyes of a customer by trying out the different pages and links. If it is a retail business, then go through the purchasing process from start to finish to show up any errors or gaps in the website’s usability. The American Pharmacists’ Association has some great suggestions.

Ask your customers for feedback

Whether you run a large, medium or small business, customer feedback is always important. You can include feedback forms on your website so that customers can let you know how they feel about your site, about the features they did or did not like, and about any ways in which they feel it could be improved. You can also ask customers to fill in surveys. This enables you to ask specific questions about your company and your website and will generate more specific feedback.

Think about analytics

Companies can help you to focus on website analytics, which can generate performance data and enable you to see who has been visiting your website and why. It will show you peak site traffic times, how people use your site, what pages they visit, and which pages are being left unused by visitors and customers.

Now you know how to assess the success of your website, you can improve it by making any necessary changes.