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Recapturing the 1920s as a wedding theme: three key tips

The Roaring 20s were all about gold, glitter, sequins, outrageous headwear and chandeliers.

In Europe, the Great War had ended and partying had begun. Big bands played to nightclubs full of beautiful young women, known as ‘flappers’, who danced the Charleston, Shimmy, and Heebie-Jeebies.

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Choosing the 1920s as a theme means your wedding will memorable, with glitzy-glamour, champagne toasts and lots of dancing. A Hotel Wedding Venue in Gloucester can help to create this dream theme for you. When you find the Wedding Venue in Gloucestershire that you love it is important to talk to them about any particular theme ideas that you have as they may be in contact with suppliers who can help make this dream a reality.

A party to remember

When it comes to vintage wedding ideas for your reception, consider sequined tablecloths, feathered centerpieces, and extravagant candleholders. The 1920s art deco style often incorporated gold, black and white, such as black and gold tableware on white beaded tablecloths. There is lots of inspiration for designing your 1920s-themed reception online.

Although the sale of commercial alcohol was never prohibited in the UK, movies such as The Great Gatsby, set in the US, have popularised the 1920s as the era of prohibition. You can recreate the atmosphere of the speakeasy regardless of whether you choose to serve alcohol. You could even include small bottles of whiskey as party favors.

There would be no party without the sounds of the big brass band, so ask your DJ or wedding band to play popular hits by the likes of Louis Armstrong and Count Basie.

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Bridal style

Your 1920s-inspired wedding dress should reflect the opulence and glamour of the time – think embroidered patterns enhanced with pearls, intricate beading, and sleek silhouettes cut from chevron lace. The wedding dress you choose can include geometric embellishments in the thematic colors of champagne and gold.

Bridal hair and makeup

Pinterest boards can be a treasure trove of ideas for 1920s bridal hair and makeup. Rouge-stained cheeks in shades of rose pink and berry reflect the period, as does the iconic smokey eye, which can toned-down for wedding chic by using browns, mauves, and paler greys. Your 1920s-themed bridal makeup would be incomplete without classic red lips, which often had a stained matte finish.

Finally, don’t forget your crowning glory. 1920s hairstyles included finger waves, kiss curls and intricate updos, accessorised with eye-catching headbands decorated with feathers, flowers and rhinestone jewellery.


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