When sending a parcel here are some courier services to know

Courier services form an integral part of the global economy. Companies from all parts of the world are able to send portable goods, documents and other forms of mail with ease.

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There is a number of different services you can choose from, and when it comes down to it you should choose based on several factors: urgency, price, size, and weight of the parcel, the place of delivery and the type of products being sent. Once you’ve given consideration to the above, you need to start looking into what courier service is best for you. Most of the much larger courier providers operate on a global scale, whereas some of the smaller firms operate only in larger urban areas. Let’s take a look at some of the most common courier services. So with all these packages being received and sent all across the world to millions of people these companies need a lot of storage and great organization.  For example, Longspan Racking could be an ideal way of storing the packages and one option to source them is https://www.rackzone.ie/pallet-racking/long-span-shelving.

Standard Services

Normally used for parcels that don’t exceed more than 50kg in weight, this service is preferable for small to medium packages. Obviously, the price will vary depending on size and weight, but this is often the most economical service. If the weight of your package exceeds the limitation, then you will have to pay extra or look for a freight service instead. This service cannot guarantee a fixed delivery date, so is best for people who don’t need a hurried delivery.

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Express Service

Known as same-day service, this is reserved for urgent deliveries such as documents and medical supplies. It is one of the largest and most profitable courier sectors according to https://trueindustrynews.com/global-express-delivery-market-2018-future-market-outlook-growth-and-forecast/. It is the quickest of the services, but also the most expensive on a mile-by-mile basis.

Overnight Service

These services are reserved for people who want their shipments to arrive the next day. This is the best service for last-minute deliveries, but they won’t be available for all routes, especially those over a longer distance.

International Service

This follows the same pattern as the other courier services mentioned above, only on a larger scale. International service isn’t a man and van, but rather one that involves planes and a number of stops on the way to its destination.

Now with all the information at your fingertips, you need to decide which service is best for you.