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Coping with the elements at a winter wedding

Any wedding photographer in Hampshire will agree that a winter wedding can be beautiful, but how can you ensure your day runs smoothly despite the elements?

Although weddings have traditionally taken place in the spring and summer, more and more couples are choosing to get married in the autumn and winter when the weather is obviously more unpredictable.

Organize guest transport

If the weather is set to be particularly bad it is a good idea to arrange transport for your guests, especially if they are required to travel between venues; alternatively, choosing one venue to host both the ceremony and the reception will reduce the potential difficulties guests ‒ and you! ‒ may experience getting between the two.

Also, remember that service providers may find it more difficult to reach you in bad weather. A wedding planner or photographer will have well-practiced routes for getting to and between venues, but in poor conditions, they will need to allow extra time.

Wedding attire

By dressing appropriately there is absolutely no need to let the elements get in the way. As long as there is not torrential rain on the day, you can still get some stunning outdoor photographs and dressing warmly will avoid the discomfort of a freezing cold photo session. Look online for a Hampshire based wedding photographer who can provide you with personalized service.

Choose closed-toe shoes, warm tights, gloves, and a luxurious shawl or winter coat to wear when traveling between venues. The groom can pick a warm scarf to complement his outfit, along with a sleek wool coat. Don’t forget the bridesmaids and ushers, who will also need to be wrapped up warm.

Prepare your space

When you book your venue, keep in mind the extra space required to accommodate your guests’ coats, umbrellas, and other wet weather paraphernalia. Make sure that your venue offers a coat check service or, if hiring a marquee, considered the addition of a cloakroom and attendant.

Ensure there is a proper all-weather mat at the entrance where your guests can dry their feet to prevent them from slipping on wet floors.

If you are choosing a tented venue, indoor heat lamps will ensure you achieve a warm, toasty atmosphere, especially as the evening draws in and the weather cools further.


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