Protecting your home from fire

Naturally we all want to try to make our homes as safe from fire as we can. Fire can be lethal and even if it doesn’t kill you it can be truly devastating; therefore, anything that helps to prevent it has to be a bonus. There are several steps you can take to protect your home from fire, depending on your budget and on how many safety measures you want. From simple fire alarms to employing the services of Automist installers in Bristol or elsewhere, there are all kinds of steps you can take.

Fire alarms

This point may be simple, and it may have been repeated over and over in advertising campaigns and fire safety materials, but it really cannot be stressed enough. Make sure you have an appropriate number of fire alarms for your home and make sure you test the batteries regularly. Put reminders on your calendar or phone to prompt you to check the batteries each week and change them yearly, as it is very easy to forget.

A simple alarm can make the difference between alerting you to a minor blaze before it spreads and a full-blown house fire. Not having a working smoke alarm increases your chances of dying in a fire four times over.

Automist systems

Businesses use sprinkler systems to protect their premises and staff from the effects of fire. When the start of a fire is detected, these systems automatically douse the area with water to prevent it from spreading and ‒ most likely ‒ put it out while it is still small.

You might think these kind of business systems are out of reach for homes, but there is an affordable domestic alternative in the form of Automist. Track down a local installer such as Mainpoint Automist installers in Bristol to find out more.


One of the best ways to protect your home against fire is simply to be diligent in preventing it. This goes beyond simple things such as not leaving open flames or electric heaters unattended and involves spotting potential risk factors early.

In particular, keep an eye on your home’s electrical fittings and your electrical appliances. If you see any damaged wires or other signs of faults, such as sparking, repair or replace the item to eliminate what could be a serious fire risk.