What are the benefits of automatic wrapping machines

The ability to wrap pallets is of great benefit within the logistics sector. This is especially important in the food and drinks industry, where large numbers of products are transported on pallets every single day. A Man and Van Slough business may have a number of clients that use wrapping to protect their products before they are transported. There is a range of different pallet wrapping machines available, including manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic systems. Each of them has their own unique advantages, but how can semi or fully automatic machine be of benefit to your business?

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Benefits of pallet wrapping

Stretch film has been used within the pallet industry since the end of the 1970s. It provides an easy and cost-efficient method of keeping pallets stable while in transit. For this reason, it soon gained popularity within the food and beverage market. In Europe, 1.4 million metric tons of stretch wrapping film is now used every year.

As well as offering stability, pallet wrapping also protects the products on the pallet from dust and the damaging effects of moisture. The use of wrapping reduces the risk of tampering and theft whilst goods are in transit. Once a pallet has been wrapped, it is easy to see when the packaging has been opened. This helps companies such as Man and Van Slough UKTDL company when transporting any goods for their customers.

Benefits of automatic machines

At present in the food and drinks sector, the majority of wrapping machines are still manual. About 60% of the wrapping film that is used is for manual machines, with the remaining 40% split across semi and fully automatic models. However, automatic wrapping machines can offer benefits to companies who require pallet wrapping on a large scale. If your business is looking to buy pallet wrap machines, there are two types of automatic systems you can consider: semi and fully automatic machines.

These wrapping machines are beneficial in operations that have a medium to the high requirement for pallet wrapping. It enables businesses to speed up the process of wrapping pallets and is a more efficient use of their employees’ time. A semi or fully automatic machine can process a larger number of pallets in a specified period that can be achieved by a manual model.

The machines that help with wrapping are flexible, which enables them to be used for different types of loads. Therefore, businesses do not have to buy pallet wrap machines for various needs; instead one single model will suffice.

With a semi-automatic machine, it can be positioned away from the main production line and requires a minimal amount of space. This can be of benefit if part of the system breaks down, as there will be less of a disruption to other elements of the process.

Businesses that are looking to purchase a fully automatic machine usually incorporate these as part of the production line. They also need a larger area, which means they are generally used only by large scale manufacturers.

Automatic pallet wrapping machines are extremely beneficial to manufacturers, especially those in the food and drinks sector. The initial investment will soon be paid for by increased efficiency and cost savings.