What to get your Irish friends for St. Patrick’s Day

The most well-known and adored Irish holiday is St. Patrick’s Day, which is celebrated every year on March 17th. This day is now honored not only in its homeland of Ireland but also in many other nations throughout the world. If you have Irish friends and are unfamiliar with their culture but still want to purchase a thoughtful gift for St. Patrick’s Day this year, continue reading to learn about some wonderful St. Patrick’s Day gift options and other present ideas that will surely delight your Irish friends!

To start off strong, an Irish sweater would be an excellent present for anyone, regardless of age, profession, or personal style preferences. Choose one that is made of 100% wool and is preferably in a neutral color. Just don’t be greedy, as when it comes to these garments, the ones made of high-quality wool tend to be pricier than the synthetic ones that you can find in mass-market stores.   For your Irish friends from the diaspora that feel like they need to study more about their origins this will make the perfect connection to their roots and heritage, while for the ones who like high quality and versatile clothing, an Irish sweater will make a great, long-lasting addition to their wardrobe.

The Irish have always been known for their skills in processing wool and creating beautiful things out of it. As a result, a large, thick wool blanket is an excellent gift idea to consider while shopping for your friend. A blanket like this is a lovely addition to their interior design since it can be used as a throw for the couch in the living room or for a chair near the fireplace, but it is also quite functional, warm, and can be used on chilly winter evenings. Just like in the case of the sweater, the best colors to opt for are the neutral ones, such as black, brown, or white, but a bright green blanket or one with shamrocks on it will make a very symbolic gift for this holiday.

If your friend enjoys cooking, an Irish cookbook with classic recipes would be a lovely gift. From traditional St. Patrick’s Day food like corned beef and lamb stew to coddle and even desserts like black and white pudding, this gift is guaranteed to delight your friend and encourage them to try new dishes they may not have tried before. Plus, such a book has not only delectable recipes, but also numerous beautiful photographs of the meals or even sketches, so when your friend isn’t using it for cooking, it will make a nice addition to their kitchen décor.

Other gift ideas include home blessings, especially the ones made of iron or precious metals such as silver, traditional foods, and beverages such as Irish cheese, tea, or chocolate (even if you don’t have an Irish shop where you live, you can order them online), authentic pottery, jewelry with Celtic motifs like the Trinity knot or the tree of life, and a variety of other things. If you want to give them the most unique gift that they will ever receive, you can even get them the title of Lord or Lady by purchasing a small piece of Irish land from a natural reservation or the countryside.