Top thermal insulating materials

If you want to keep the running costs of your property low, it pays to insulate. You will create a more energy-efficient home with a smaller carbon footprint and stay much more comfortable in the winter. Boiler Installation Gloucester companies such as know the importance of insulating a home to ensure that the minimal amount of heat escapes from the home.

These are the top thermal insulating materials for a range of installations.

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Non-flammable fibreglass

If you are looking for a cost-effective and safe insulating material, fibreglass is the smart choice. Due to the way this material is manufactured, it transfers very little heat, is environmentally friendly, and has an R-value (resistance to heat flow) of around 3.1 per inch.

As fibreglass is composed of tiny shards of glass, you must wear adequate safety equipment when handling it to prevent it from penetrating the skin or lungs.

Mineral wool for larger areas

Although mineral wool is not flammable, it does not handle extreme heat well; however, combine it with other more fire-resistant insulating materials and it is an extremely cost-effective way of insulating large areas.

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Batts of mineral wool can be composed of fiberglass, basalt or slag from steel making. With an average R rating of 3.1 per inch, this is a good budget choice.

Eco-friendly cellulose

Eco-friendly cellulose is created from recycled cardboard and paper and is extremely fire resistant because the dense fibres contain virtually zero oxygen, which inhibits a fire spreading. Cellulose also has a higher R-value than either mineral wool or fibreglass – an average of R 3.7 per inch.

There is a downside to cellulose insulation in that some people are allergic to cellulose dust. If this is not a problem, it is a cheap and effective way to insulate your home.

Super-effective polyurethane foam

When looking to replace your old windows with energy-efficient ones, polyurethane foam is the most effective insulating material available. With an R-value per inch of over 6, this type of insulation is fire resistant and lightweight, although not particularly eco-friendly.

Lightweight polystyrene

Polystyrene is a waterproof, flammable insulating material that is super lightweight and provides excellent sound and temperature insulation. Unfortunately, the chemical used to make it flameproof has raised some health concerns, but this is an effective and cheap material with a high R-value.